The Ohlone 50k has a new sponsor for 2015: Joe Trailman Gaiters!

The last thing you want to do while on a run is stop to remove debris from your shoe. That’s where Joe Trailman Gaiters come in. They prevent material from entering your shoe by attaching securely around your ankle and overlapping with the topside of you shoe. And Joe Trailman Gaiters are unique because of how they attach to the top of your shoe. Their unique hook and velcro system allows you to remove your shoes without removing your gaiters. So you can swap running shoes easily no matter how many pairs you run into the ground.

Joe Trailman Gaiters come in a variety of sizes and colors; check them out here. For the Ohlone 50k, Joe Trailman has generously donated a bunch of gaiters. A random set of runners will find a voucher for a pair of free gaiters in their goodie bag.

Check out their site, buy a few pairs of gaiters, and support all the sponsors who help make the Ohlone 50k happen.

Welcome our new sponsor: Joe Trailman Gaiters!

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